Man pages for sgutreuter/screenr
Construction of Binary Test-Screening Rules

binomialScreeningTest-Screening Tool Based on Binomial Regression
getROCExtract ROCs from "binomscreenr" or "simplescreenr" Objects
inverseLinkCompute Inverses of Binomial Regression Link Functions
keepfirstReturn Data Frame Rows Having Unique Values in Selected...
mebinomScreeningTest-Screening Tool Based on Marginal Estimation from...
plot.binomscreenrPlot ROC Curves of 'binomscreenr' Objects
plot.simplescreenrPlot ROC Curves of 'simplescreenr' Objects
print.binomscreenrPrint Receiver Operating Characteristics for 'binomscreenr'...
print.simplescreenrPrint Receiver Operating Characteristics for 'simplescreenr'...
sens_specCompute Sensitivity and Specificity from a 2 x 2 Table
simpleScreeningSimple Un-optimized Test-Screening Tool
summary.binomscreenrPrint Summaries of 'binomscreenr' Objects
summary.simplescreenrPrint Summaries of 'simplescreenr' Objects
testCountsExpected Number of Tests Required per Positive Test Result
unicornsUIV Testing Data on Unicorns
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