Shiny application for single cell transcriptomics studies data visualisation / exploration, quality control and analysis

Developped during my 6 month internship at RIKEN Center for the Life Science Technologies (CLST) in the Division of Genomics Technologies (DGT) in the Genomics Miniaturization Technology Unit. I was supervised by Charles Plessy.

How to install and use

Install from GitHub with:

devtools::install_github("shamansim/Vizection", upgrade_dependencies = FALSE) # Note the capital 'V'.

Load the library:

library(vizection) # Note the lowercase 'v'

If you do not have any dataset you can try vizection on some example data from Bioconductor, for instance the SummarizedExperiment object provided by the airway package.

data("airway", package = "airway")
airway$group <- airway$dex

Start vizection:

vizection(airway, local = FALSE) # local = TRUE implies host=""

Documentation is under way, some features are still not working properly, please be patient :)

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