Man pages for skinnider/flavin
A fast library for automated validation of interaction networks

as_annotation_listConvert an annotation data.frame to a named list, where the...
coexpression_enrichmentCalculate a Z score for enrichment for coexpression
filter_breadthFilter very broad or very specific GO terms from a GOA file.
filter_rootsFilter GO terms from a particular ontological category (BP,...
network_coexpressionCalculate coexpression of network nodes
network_shared_annotationsCalculate shared annotations between network nodes
read_gafRead a GAF file
read_gpaRead a GPA file
shared_annotation_enrichmentCalculate a Z score for enrichment for shared annotations
shared_annotationsConstruct a matrix of shared annotation counts
shared_pairwise_annotationsConstruct a matrix of shared pairwise annotation counts
to_adjacency_matrixConvert a data frame to an adjacency matrix
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