Man pages for slu-openGIS/postmastr
Tidy Tools for Standardizing and Parsing Street Addresses

dic_countryCountry Dictionary
dic_us_dirDirectional Dictionary, United States of America
dic_us_intersectIntersection Dictionary, United States of America
dic_us_statesState Dictionary, United States of America
dic_us_suffixStreet Suffix Dictionary, United States of America
pm_appendCreate Dictionary Object Appendicies
pm_city_allDoes City Name Dictionary Return a Match for All Observations
pm_city_anyDoes City Name Dictionary Return Any Matches
pm_city_detectDetect Presence of City Name in Address
pm_city_noneReturn Only Unmatched Observations From pm_city_detect
pm_city_parseParse City Names
pm_city_stdStandardize Parsed City Names
pm_country_allDoes Country Dictionary Return a Match for All Observations
pm_country_anyDoes Country Dictionary Return Any Matches
pm_country_detectDetect Presence of Country
pm_country_noneReturn Only Unmatched Observations From pm_country_detect
pm_country_parseParse Country
pm_country_stdStandardize Parsed Countries
pm_country_trimTrim Country
pm_dictionaryCreate Dictionary Objects
pm_evaluateEvaluate Address Type
pm_has_addressValidate postmastr Address Variable
pm_has_uidValidate postmastr pm.uid Variable
pm_has_unitDetect Presence of Unit
pm_house_allDo All Addresses Have House Numbers
pm_houseAlpha_allDo All Addresses Have Alphanumeric House Numbers
pm_houseAlpha_anyDo Any Addresses Have Alphanumeric House Numbers
pm_houseAlpha_detectDetect Presence of Alphanumeric House Numbers
pm_house_anyDo Any Addresses Have House Numbers
pm_house_detectDetect Presence of House Numbers
pm_houseFrac_allDo All Addresses Have House Numbers
pm_houseFrac_anyDo Any Addresses Have Fractional House Numbers
pm_houseFrac_detectDetect Presence of Fractional House Numbers
pm_houseFrac_noneReturn Only Unmatched Observations From pm_houseFrac_detect
pm_houseFrac_parseParse Fractional House Numbers
pm_house_noneReturn Only Unmatched Observations From pm_house_detect
pm_house_parseParse House Numbers
pm_houseRange_allDo All Addresses Have House Ranges
pm_houseRange_anyDo Any Addresses Have House Ranges
pm_houseRange_detectDetect Presence of House Range
pm_houseRange_matchReturn Only Matched Observations From pm_houseRange_detect
pm_houseRange_noneReturn Only Unmatched Observations From pm_houseRange_detect
pm_houseRange_parseParse Fractional House Numbers
pm_houseSuf_allDoes House Suffix Dictionary Return a Match for All...
pm_houseSuf_anyDoes House Suffix Dictionary Return Any Matches
pm_houseSuf_detectDetect Presence of House Suffix
pm_houseSuf_noneReturn Only Unmatched Observations From pm_houseSuf_detect
pm_houseSuf_parseParse House Suffix
pm_houseSuf_stdStandardize Parsed House Suffix Names
pm_identifyIdentify Observations
pm_intersect_detectDetect Presence of Intersection in Address
pm_intersect_longerConvert Intersections to Long Form
pm_intersect_widerCovert Intersections to Wide Form
pm_mutateModify Improperly Parsed Addresses
pm_mutate_rawModify Raw Addresses
pm_parseParse Street Addresses
pm_postal_allDo All Addresses Have Postal Codes
pm_postal_anyDo Any Addresses Have Postal Codes
pm_postal_detectDetect Presence of Postal Codes
pm_postal_noneReturn Only Unmatched Observations From pm_postal_detect
pm_postal_parseParse Postal Codes
pm_prepCreate postmastr Object for Parsing
pm_rebuildRe-construct Street Addressed from Parsed Elements
pm_replaceAdd Parsed Street Address Data to Source Data Set
pm_state_allDoes State Dictionary Return a Match for All Observations
pm_state_anyDoes State Dictionary Return Any Matches
pm_state_detectDetect Presence of State Name or Abbreviation
pm_state_noneReturn Only Unmatched Observations From pm_state_detect
pm_state_parseParse State Names and Abbreviation
pm_state_stdStandardize Parsed State Names
pm_streetDir_allDo All Addresses Have Prefix or Suffix Directionals
pm_streetDir_anyDo Any Addresses Have Prefix or Suffix Directionals
pm_streetDir_detectDetect Presence of Prefix or Suffix Directionals
pm_streetDir_noneReturn Only Unmatched Observations From pm_has_dir
pm_streetDir_parseParse Prefix and Suffix Directionals
pm_streetDir_stdStandardize Parsed State Names
pm_street_parseParse Street Names
pm_street_stdStandardize Street Names
pm_streetSuf_allDoes Street Suffix Dictionary Return a Match for All...
pm_streetSuf_anyDoes Street Suffix Dictionary Return Any Matches
pm_streetSuf_detectDetect Presence of Street Suffix
pm_streetSuf_noneReturn Only Unmatched Observations From pm_streetSuf_detect
pm_streetSuf_parseParse Street Suffix
pm_streetSuf_stdStandardize Parsed Street Suffixes
pm_type_partialReturn Only Partial Records
pm_type_unknownReturn Only Unknown Records
sushi1Sushi Resturants in the St. Louis Region
sushi2Sushi Resturants in the Ciy of St. Louis
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