pm_replace: Add Parsed Street Address Data to Source Data Set

Description Usage Arguments Value

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Adds standardized address and, optionally, unnest house ranges. All logical variables that were created during the data cleaning process (i.e. pm.hasHouse, pm.hasDir, etc.) are removed at this stage.


pm_replace(.data, source, side = "right", unnest = FALSE)



A postmastr object created with pm_prep that has been readied for replacement by fully parsing the data.


Original source data to merge clean addresses with.


One of either "left" or "right" - should parsed data be placed to the left or right of the original data? Placing data to the left may be useful in particularly wide data sets.


A logical scalar; if TRUE, house ranges will be unnested (i.e. a house range that has been expanded to cover four addresses with pm_houseRange_parse will be converted from a single observation to four observations, one for each house number). If FALSE (default), the single observation will remain.


The source data with a parsed address elements added to the left side of the source data.

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