Man pages for spatstat/spatstat.utils
Utility Functions for 'spatstat'

articlebeforenumberIndefinite Article Preceding A Number
cat.factorCombine Several Factors
check.1.integerCheck Argument Type and Length
check.anyvectorCheck For Vector or Factor With Correct Length
check.named.vectorCheck Whether Object Has Required Components
check.nmatrixCheck for Numeric Matrix with Correct Dimensions
check.nvectorCheck For Numeric Vector With Correct Length
check.rangeUtilities for Ranges of Values
commasepList of Items Separated By Commas a Function, Passing Only Recognised Arguments a Function, Omitting Certain Arguments
expand.polynomExpand Symbolic Polynomials in a Formula
ifelseABConditional Selection
methods.xypolygonCalculations for Polygons in the Plane
optimizeWithTraceOne Dimensional Optimization with Tracing
ordinalOrdinal Numbers
parenAdd or Remove Parentheses
percentageConvert Fraction to Percentage
primefactorsPrimes, Prime Factorization, Common Divisor
queueSpatstatLocatorAdd Coordinates to a Queue for Use by Locator Function
resolve.defaultsDetermine Values of Variables Using Several Default Rules
revcumsumReverse Cumulative Sum
simplenumberSimple Rational Number
spatstatLocatorGraphical Input
spatstat.utils-internalInternal Functions of spatstat.utils Package
spatstat.utils-packageThe spatstat.utils Package
splatPrint Text Within Margins
tapplysumSum By Factor Level
termsinformulaManipulate Formulae
verbalogicVerbal Logic
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