read_jcamp: Import data from generic JCAMP file

Description Usage Arguments Value


Reads data from JCAMP file in the most general fashion possible. No checks are performed on file validity. Tag and entry conversion is done by passing output directly into process_jcamp().


read_jcamp(path, process.tags = TRUE, process.entries = TRUE, ...)



Path to file.


TRUE to convert entry tags to lowercase with dots in place of spaces.


FALSE to keep all block elements as characters. TRUE to attempt some basic conversion.


Arguments passed into process_jcamp().


A list with the following entries: 'header', 'blocks', and 'comments'. Header elements are all those contained between the 'TITLE', 'OWNER', and 'ORIGIN', and may vary between files. All bon-header entries (including notes) are stored in the 'blocks' sublist. If no block information is specified, all information is stored in block 1. comments' contains a list of comment blocks indexed by corresponding JCAMP element of the line number on which they were found (if there is no corresponding element). If either convert.tags or contvert.entries is true, the parsed output is also processed using the process_jcamp() function. See ?process_jcamp for more details.

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