Man pages for stan-dev/shinystan
Interactive Visual and Numerical Diagnostics and Posterior Analysis for Bayesian Models

as.shinystanCreate and test 'shinystan' objects
deploy_shinystanDeploy a 'ShinyStan' app on the web using '' by...
drop_parametersDrop parameters from a 'shinystan' object
generate_quantityAdd new quantity to shinystan object
launch_shinystanLaunch the 'ShinyStan' app
launch_shinystan_demo'ShinyStan' demo
rename_modelrename_model (deprecated)
retrieveGet summary statistics from shinystan object
shinystan-classS4 'shinystan' objects
shinystan-metadataView or change metadata associated with a 'shinystan' object
shinystan-package'ShinyStan' interface and 'shinystan' R package
update_ssoUpdate an object created by the previous version of shinystan
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