control.simulate.ergm.ego: Control parameters for 'simulate.ergm.ego'.

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control.simulate.ergm.egoR Documentation

Control parameters for simulate.ergm.ego.


Constructs and checks the list of control parameters for simulation by simulate.ergm.ego.


  ppop.wt = c("round", "sample"),
  SAN = control.san(),
  simulate = control.simulate(),



Because each ego must be represented in the pseuodopopulation network an integral number of times, if the sample is weighted (or the target |N'| calculated from ppopsize and ppopsize.mul is not a multiple of the sample size), it may not be possible, for a finite |N'| to represent each ego exactly according to its relative weight, and ppop.wt controls how the fractional egos are allocated:


(default) Rather than treating ppopsize as a hard setting, calculate |N'| w_i / w_\cdot for each ego i and round it to the nearest integer. Then, the |N'| actually used will be the sum of these rounded freqencies.


Resample in proportion to w_i.


A list of control parameters for san constructed by control.ergm, called to construct a pseudopopulation network consistent with the data.


A list of control parameters for simulate.formula constructed by control.simulate, called to simulate from the model fit.


Not used at this time.


A list with arguments as components.


Pavel N. Krivitsky

See Also

control.simulate, control.san

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