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ergm Terms Implemented for egor


This page describes the ergm terms (and hence network statistics) for which inference based on egocentrically sampled data is implemented in ergm.ego package. Other packages may add their own terms. These functions should not be called by the end-user.


The current recommendation for any package implementing additional egocentric calculator terms is to create a help file with a name or alias ergm.ego-terms, so that help("ergm.ego-terms") will list egocentric ERGM terms available from all loaded packages.

Currently implemented egocentric statistics

For each of these, please see their respective package's ergm-terms help for meaning and parameters. The simplest way to do this is usually via ? TERM.

Special-purpose terms:
netsize.adj(edges=+1, mutual=0, transitiveties=0, cyclicalties=0)

A special-purpose term equivalent to a linear combination of edges-ergmTerm, mutual-ergmTerm, transitiveties-ergmTerm, and cyclicalties-ergmTerm, to house the network-size adjustment offset. This term is added to the model automatically and should not be used in the model formula directly.

  • offset

  • edges

  • nodecov

  • nodefactor

  • nodematch

  • nodemix

  • absdiff

  • degree

  • degrange

  • concurrent

  • concurrentties

  • degree1.5

  • transitiveties

  • cyclicalties

  • esp

  • gwesp

  • gwdegree

  • mm

  • meandeg*

  • mean.age*

Starred terms are nonscaling, in that while they can be evaluated, some inferential results and standard error calculation methods may not be applicable.

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