Man pages for stephematician/statsnbaR
R interface to

api_scrapeScrape API and return statsnbaR data
filter_bioGenerate filters for player biography data query.
filter_construction_workerWorker function to generate filters for an endpoint data...
filter_per_playerGenerate filters for a 'per player' data query.
filter_per_player_clutchGenerate filters for a 'per player' data query.
filter_playerFilter constructors for player data
filter_workerFilter worker for all queries
flatten_json_rowSetFlatten JSON result sets
gamesGame data functions
get_bioGet player biography data
get_playersRetrieve current and historical player data
map_filtersTranslate key-value pairs to the API key-value...
map_filter_valuesTranslate values (only) to API values
map_resultsMap flattened NBA API data to statsnbaR data
map_result_valuesConvert character data from to statsnbaR...
parse_json_headersParse the returned JSON header information
per_player_aggRetrieve 'per player' aggregated data
playerPlayer data
player_game_logsRetrieve player game logs
scrapeMain scrape function
statsnbaR-packageR interface to
team_game_logsRetrieve team game logs
type_convertersNamed type conversion functions
utilsUtility functions
valid_filtersValidate key-value pairs as being statsnbaR-recognisable
valid_resultsCheck output of API matches basic format
valid_resultSetCheck output of API matches basic format
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