Man pages for stevencarlislewalker/setup
A personalized setup for R gradient to data frame hessian to data frame
chunkNamesGet chunk names from a knitr document
dontStopLmerDon't stop lmer
gitLinesCount number of insertions
loadDataRun all lines in a document containing 'load' and 'Rda'
print.gradientprint gradient
print.hessianprint gradient
purlChunksPurl a subset of knitr chunks
qQuit without asking
reldirRelative directory name
rmatRandom matrix
runChunksRun a subset of knitr chunks
setupA personalized setup for R
sourceVersionVersion of package in local source code
tarNameMake tarball name from source package
termOpen bash terminal in current directory
UniformIntThe Uniform Distribution over the Integers
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