Man pages for sushilashenoy/zoom.plot
Modular zoom plots for genomic data

approx.cosPiecewise cosine interpolation
assign.scale.colorsAssign colors to value according to a scale
bin.intsInteger data binning
display.palDisplay colors in a palette
draw.chrom.axisDraw a horizontal chromosome axis
draw.old.scaleDraw a color scale bar (old version)
draw.scaleDraw a color scale bar
fastqqFast QQ plots
find.binsFind breakpoints for binning numeric values
image0More useful defaults for plotting matrices
label.binsLabel bins generated by 'find.bins()'
load.gene.martLoad gene database alternate version or organism.
marginlabelsLabel points from the margin
mrangeCalculate a range with margins (padding)
murFind a minimal unique representation
prettybpPrint a bp length nicely
rlcpsRemove longest common prefix and suffix
splitterCalculate offsets for plotting y ~ x scatter plots where y is...
stackplotStacked plots
thinSampling for qq plots
y.scale.barY axis scale bar for stacked plots
zoom.plotZoom in manhattan plot with gene models and LD plotted below.
zoom.plot-packageVarious functions for plotting genomic data
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