Man pages for tadhg-moore/gotmtools
Tools to work with GOTM input data and also process the output data

calc_ccCalculate cloud cover
calc_densCalculate water density from temperature
calc_swrCalculate SWR using calculation within GOTM
conv_hypsoConvert hypsograph to rLakeAnalyzer format
Corner_textAdd text to the corner of a plot
dbsummarySummarise ACPy database
diag_plotsProduces model diagnostic plots
extractDepthsExtract values at a depth or series of depths
get_1dExtract 1-D variable from NetCDF file
get_fluxExtract fluxes from NetCDF file
get_paramExtract dataframe of all parameters from ACPy database
get_variExtract variables from NetCDF file
gotm_heatmapCreate heatmap from GOTM output
init_profCreate initial profile for GOTM
input_nmlEdit nml file
input_xmlEdit XML file
input_yamlInput values into yaml file
key_datesLocate stratification or ice on/off dates
list_varsList variables within the NetCDF file
load_3dLoad 3d model variable
load_depthsLoad layers file
load_inputLoad inflow input files
load_obsLoad GOTMobservation file
long_heatmapCreate heatmap from observed files for acpy
long_lineplotCreate line plot from observed temperature in long format
match_tstepMatch the timestep of two dataframes
normDepthsNormalize depths of modelled output
plot_calibPlot results from the database
plot_extPlot light extinction parameters
plot_fluxPlot fluxes from NetCDF file
plot_hypsoPlot hypsograph data
plot_inpPlot extra inputs
plot_mass_fluxPlot mass fluxes from NetCDF file
plot_meteoPlot Meteo data
plot_month_profPlot monthly average profiles
plot_variPlot any variable from netcdf file
plot_wbalPlot water balance from NetCDF file
plot_wtempPlot wtemp from netcdf file
readAcpyParamsRead ACPy configuration file and extract ranges
read_bestparamExtract dataframe of best parameters from DB
scan_timeseriesExtract start and stop dates from a GOTM input file
setAcpyDbSet ACPy database
setmodDepthsExtract modelled temperature at observation depths
setRangeSet parameter ranges for ACPy
setspinupSet spin up year for ACPy
sum_statCaclulate summary stats of mod v obs
sum_stat_1varCaclulate summary stats of one variable
ts_mldCreate a timeseries of mixed layer depth
ts_ssCalculate Schimidt Stability timeseries
ts_statCalculate time-series over a depth dependent variable
ts_whole_laketempCalculate total lake temperature timeseries
view_initView inital profile
view_ncView NetCDF file
wide2longConverts wide data to long data
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