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Data Preparation Routines for Medical Registry Data

addBaseline-setAdd baseline
addData-setRegister a register
addExclusion-setInclusion instructions
addInclusion-setInclusion instructions
addVariable-setAdd a variable to a dpp object
d_codesSKS codes
dppCreate data preprocessing object (dpp)
dsrConfidence intervals for age standardized rates and rate...
extractCodeExtraction of diseases by diagnoses
findConditionFind conditions in registry data
FraminghamPublic version of Framingham data
getAdmLimitsGet Admission time
getRawdataread raw data
importerimport data from a register
innerMedicinMacroThe heart of the medicin macro
matchReportmatchReport - report of matching from riskSetMatch
medicinMacroMedicin macro to estimate prescription lengths and averages
patientProfileProfile of common covariate combinations among patients
poissonregressionPoisson regression by aggregated data using glm
poissonRiskPredicting absolute risk from poisson regression model
processData pre-processing
riskSetMatchriskSetMatch - Risk set matching
selectorSelecting and collecting information from raw data
simAdmissionDataAdmission data simulation function
simpoissonSimulate data for poisson regression
simPopPopulation simulation
simPrescriptionDataPrescription data simulation function
standardize.prodlimStandardize absolute risks
standardize.proportionStandardize proportions and absolute risks to a given age...
standardize.rateStandardize proportions and absolute risks to a given age...
whatToDoWhat to do: split and combine or bootstrap?
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