Man pages for talithafs/dzVis-Package
Data Visualization with Data Zoom

applyOperationApply an operation on a data.frame
connectConnect to the dzVis database
createGoogleComboChartCreate a Google Combo Chart
createGoogleMotionChartCreate a Google Combo Chart
createJSONFileCreate a JSON file
debugCharactersDebug characters
disconnectDisconnect from the dzVis database
formatDatesFormat dates
formatGoogleChartTitleFormat a Google Chart title
getColumnAliasGet column description alias
getColumnsByCategoryGet columns by category
getColumnValuesGet attribute values from a dzVis table
getDataTypesGet column types
getLimitsGet limits of a column
importDataImport data from the dzVis database
mapChartVariablesMap chart variables
pasteIdRestrictionsPaste equality restrictions to a SQL query
pasteLimitRestrictionsPaste inequality restrictions to a SQL query
printChartDataPrint chart data
printGoogleChartPrint Google Chart
validateConsistencyValidate consistency between chart parameters
validateGoogleChartParametersValidate the parameters of a Google Chart
validateGroupVariableValidate Group Variable
validateKeysValidate key parameters
validateLimitsValidate the limits imposed on a column
validateTargetVariablesValidate Target Variables
validateTimeVariableValidate Time Variables
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