Man pages for ted9219/CoDImputationHeart
Cause of death imputation package

applyModelApply train model on new data Apply a Patient Level...
causeImputationExecute the Imputation study
checkInstallChecks the plp package is installed sufficiently for the...
createCohortsCreate the exposure and outcome cohorts
createImputationDataExecute the Imputation study
createStudyPopulationCreate a study population
evaluateMultiplePlpexternally validate the multiple plp models across new...
executeExecute the validation study
externalValidatePlpexternalValidatePlp - Validate a model on new databases
getAttritionTableGet the attrition table for a population
getPlpDataGet the patient level prediction data from the server
getTable1Creates the target population and outcome summary...
loadPlpDataLoad the cohort data from a folder
loadPlpModelloads the plp model
loadPlpResultLoads the evalaution dataframe
loadPredictionLoads the prediciton dataframe to csv
packageResultsPackage the results for sharing with OHDSI researchers
predictAndromedaGenerated predictions from a regression model
predictProbabilitiesCreate predictive probabilities
savePlpDataSave the cohort data to folder
savePlpModelSaves the plp model
savePlpResultSaves the result from runPlp into the location directory
savePredictionSaves the prediction dataframe to RDS
similarPlpDataExtract new plpData using plpModel settings use metadata in...
transportPlpModelsTransport trained PLP models into the validation package
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