Man pages for teunbrand/ggh4x
Hacks for 'ggplot2'

center_limitsCenter limits
distribute_argsElement list constructors
element_part_rectPartial rectangle theme element
facet_grid2Extended grid facets
facet_manualManual layout for panels
facet_nestedLayout panels in a grid with nested strips
facet_nested_wrapRibbon of panels with nested strips.
facetted_pos_scalesSet individual scales in facets
facet_wrap2Extended wrapped facets
force_panelsizesForce a facetted plot to have specified panel sizes
geom_pointpathPoint Paths
geom_polygonrasterPolygon parameterisation for rasters
geom_rectmarginRectangular rugs in the margins
geom_text_aimedAimed text
ggh4x_extensionsggh4x extensions to ggplot2
ggh4x-packageggh4x: Hacks for 'ggplot2'
ggsubsetPassing a subset of data to ggplot2 layers.
guide_axis_logticksAxis guide with ticks for logarithmic breaks
guide_axis_manualManual axis
guide_axis_minorAxis guide with ticks for minor breaks
guide_axis_nestedNested axis guide
guide_axis_truncatedAxis guide with truncated line
guide_dendroDendrogram guide
guide_stringlegendString legend
help_secondarySecondary axis helper
position_disjoint_rangesSegregating overlapping ranges
position_lineartransLinearly transform coordinates
scale_dendrogramDendrogram position scales
scale_fill_multiMultiple gradient colour scales
scale_listedAdd a list of scales for non-standard aesthetics
stat_differenceDifference ribbon
stat_funxyApply function to position coordinates
stat_rleRun length encoding
stat_rollingkernelRolling Kernel
stat_theodensityFitted theoretical density
strip_nestedNested strips
strip_themedStrip with themed boxes and texts
strip_vanillaDefault strips
weave_factorsBind together factors
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