Man pages for thauffe/simGDM

aS_tNumber of new adaptive speciation events
a_tNumber of species evolved via anagenesis
calc_diversityTotal island species richness
diversity_through_timeIsland diversity and events through time
em_tNumber of emigration events
end_tEndemic richness
extinctProb_tProbability for a species to go extinct in a time step
helloHello, World!
IslandIsland properties through time
kmax_tCarrying capacity of the island
naS_tNumber of new non-adaptive speciation events
nat_tNative richness
newArrivals_tNumber of newly immigrating species
newColonizers_tNumber of new successfully colonizing species
newSpecies_tProbability that an immigrant species is not already on the...
n_tNumber of empty niches
sr_tTotal island species richness
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