Man pages for theGreatWhiteShark/dwd2r
Automated download and formatting of the data provided by the German weather service (DWD)

cat.dwd.ftp.urlPrint all URLs of the FTP server
conversion.climateConverts the downloaded files into a format usable within R
convert.dateConvert different objects into Date character objects into Date integer objects into Date numerical objects into Date
download.contentDownload files from the FTP server of the DWD
dwd2r.url.checkChecking the validity of URLs
dwd.downloadDownloads data of the DWD
extract.content.climateUnzips and extracts the content of DWD source files for a... the names and the position of the individual stations...
get.dwd.ftp.urlObtain URLs to the FTP server
import.file.content.climateImports the content of a single produkt file into R
import.file.metadata.climateImports the metadata of a single data .zip folder into R all files at a certain path on the FTP server
source.dataLoad a data file into R
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