get.dwd.ftp.url: Obtain URLs to the FTP server

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Interactive function to extract the download URLs of the FTP server of the DWD


get.dwd.ftp.url(batch.choices = NULL)



Numerical vector containing the numbers, which correspond to the choices in the interactive mode. If NULL, the choices will be selected interactively. Default = NULL.


Since there is A LOT of different data provided by the German weather service (DWD), it makes no sense to specify them all using input arguments to this function. Instead, the user will be guided interactively through the different data sources and specifies the data she want using the inputs at the prompt. If you prefer to run the function non-interactive, you can use the batch.choices argument and supply a vector of numbers corresponding to your choices.

As another option, you can use the cat.dwd.ftp.url function, which returns a vector containing all download URLs. This vector can then be manipulated using e.g. the grep command.

Since there is a lot of different set of data, it is also not possible to provide documentation for the individual data sources. Please see the FTP server for further details.

Before using the data of the DWD, be sure you read its!


List containing to two elements


Philipp Mueller

See Also

Other dwd-urls: cat.dwd.ftp.url


## Get the URLs pointing to the aggregated collection of the daily
## measured climatic data of the DWD.
dwd2r:::get.dwd.ftp.url( batch.choices  = c( 1, 1, 5, 1 ) )

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