Man pages for thibautjombart/geograph
walking through the geographic space using graphs

auxilAuxiliary methods for geoGraph
bufferCompute buffers around locations for gGraph and gData objects
closestNodeFind the closest node to a given location
connectivityCheck connectivity of a gGraph object
dijkstraShortest path using Dijkstra algorithm
dropDeadGet rid of some 'dead' edges or nodes
extractFromLayerRetrieves node attributes from a layer
findLandFind which nodes are on land
gDataFormal class "gData"
geo.add.edgesAdd and remove edges from a gGraph object
geo.change.attrChange values of a node attribute
geoGraph.packageThe geoGraph package
getColorsGet colors associated to edges of a gGraph object
getCostsGet costs associated to edges of a gGraph object
getEdgesGet edges from a gGraph object
getNodesAttrGet nodes attributes from gGraph/gData object
gGraphFormal class "gGraph"
gGraphHistoryDisabled functionality
hgdpHuman genome diversity panel - georeferenced data
installDepInstall dependencies for geoGraph
isInAreaFind which nodes fall in a given area
makeGridBuild a regular grid gGraph
plotgDataPlot a gData object.
plotgGraphPlot a gGraph object.
setCostsSet friction in a gGraph object
setDistCostSet costs associated to edges based on geographic distances
setEdgesAdd and remove edges from a gGraph object
worldgraphsWorldwide geographic graphs
zoomNavigate in the plot of a gGraph object
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