Man pages for thlytras/rfgfs
Flight planner and companion package for FlightGear

corrNVU_VORCalculate NVU orthodromic coordinates using VOR/DME
corrPlanRSBNRSBN course correction(s) for a flight plan
corrRSBNCalculate RSBN course correction
courseDiffDetermine difference between two course headings
fgfsConnectConnect to FlightGear via telnet
fgfsGetGet (read) FlightGear property via telnet
fgfsSetSet FlightGear property via telnet
findAptFind airports in the database
findAwyFind airways in the database
findBeaconFind beacon(s) in the database
findFixesFind navigational fix(es) by name
fix2fixFind the shortest route between two navfixes/navaids
flightDataReturns a copy of the internal flight data.
gcbFind the initial course for an orthodromic route
getAptFixGet the navaid or navfix nearest to an airport
getAwyGet airways data from the database
is.aptIs the argument a valid airport ICAO code?
is.awyIs the argument a valid airway identifier?
magvarCalculate magnetic declination for a given coordinates
magvar_aptCalculate magnetic declination at a given airport
makeKmlWrite a flight plan to a kml file
orthoCoordsConvert geographical coordinates to orthodromic coordinates.
planNVUObtain NVU navigational data for a flight plan
planRouteCreate a flight plan route between two airports.
rfgfs-packagerfgfs: A flight planner and companion package for FlightGear...
updateRouteUpdate (fill-in) a flight plan.
vnCorrNVU_VOR"Virtual Navigator": Correct NVU orthodromic coordinates...
vnNVUautoload"Virtual Navigator": Autoload next flight plan leg to the...
vnNVUloadLeg"Virtual Navigator": Tune the Tu-154B NVU to the current leg...
vnNVUloadNextLeg"Virtual Navigator": Tune the Tu-154B NVU to the next leg of...
vnNVUloadRSBN"Virtual Navigator": Load RSBN correction parameters on a...
vnNVUtune"Virtual Navigator": Tune the Tu-154B NVU system
vnNVUtuneRSBN"Virtual Navigator": Tune RSBN correction parameters on the...
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