Man pages for thomasp85/MSGFplus-release
An interface between R and MS-GF+

chargeRangeGet and set the charge range in msgfPar objects
dbGet and set database in msgfPar objects
enzymeGet and set enzyme in msgfPar objects
fragmentationGet and set fragmentation in msgfPar objects
getMSGFparGet a string representation of an msgfPar-related object
instrumentGet and set instrument in msgfPar objects
isotopeErrorGet and set isotope error in msgfPar objects
lengthRangeGet and set peptide length range in msgfPar objects
matchesGet and set the number of matches in msgfPar objects
modsGet and set the modifications in msgfPar objects
msgfAsync-classA class referencing an asynchronous execution of MS-GF+
msgfParConstructor for the msgfPar class
msgfParChargeRange-classA class handling charge ranges
msgfPar-classA class to contain parameters used in an MS-GF+ analysis
msgfParEnzyme-classA class handling enzyme selection
msgfParFragmentation-classA class handling Fragmentation types
msgfParFromIDExtract parameters from mzIdentML result file
msgfParGUIA simple GUI to create msgfPar objects
msgfParInstrument-classA class handling instrument types
msgfParIsotopeError-classA class handling isotope errors
msgfParLengthRange-classA class handling length ranges
msgfParMatches-classA class handling number of matches
msgfParModification-classA class handling modification characteristics
msgfParModificationList-classA class handling a list of modifications
msgfParNtt-classA class handling cleavage specificity
msgfParProtocol-classA class handling protocol choice
msgfParTda-classA class handling use of target-decoy approach for FDR...
msgfParTolerance-classA class handling parent ion tolerance
MSGFplus-packageAn interface between R and MS-GF+
nttGet and set cleavage specificity in msgfPar objects
protocolGet and set protocol in msgfPar objects
runMSGFRuns MS-GF+ based on the given msgfPar object
tdaGet and set use of target-decoy approach in msgfPar objects
toleranceGet and set the parent tolerance in msgfPar objects
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