Man pages for tidymodels/vetiver
Version, Share, Deploy, and Monitor Models

api_specUpdate the OpenAPI specification using model metadata
attach_pkgsFully attach or load packages for making model predictions
handler_startupModel handler functions for API endpoint
map_request_bodyIdentify data types for each column in an input data...
predict.vetiver_endpointPost new data to a deployed model API endpoint and return...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
vetiver_create_descriptionModel constructor methods
vetiver_create_metaMetadata constructors for 'vetiver_model()' object
vetiver_create_ptypeCreate a vetiver input data prototype
vetiver_deploy_rsconnectDeploy a vetiver model API to RStudio Connect
vetiver_endpointCreate a model API endpoint object for prediction
vetiver_modelCreate a vetiver object for deployment of a trained model
vetiver-packagevetiver: Version, Share, Deploy, and Monitor Models
vetiver_pin_writeRead and write a trained model to a board of models
vetiver_pr_predictCreate a Plumber API to predict with a deployable...
vetiver_type_convertConvert new data at prediction time using input data...
vetiver_write_dockerWrite a Dockerfile for a vetiver model
vetiver_write_plumberWrite a deployable Plumber file for a vetiver model
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