test_that("can create a basic workflow", {
  workflow <- workflow()

  expect_is(workflow, "workflow")

  expect_is(workflow$pre, "stage_pre")
  expect_is(workflow$fit, "stage_fit")
  expect_is(workflow$post, "stage_post")

  expect_equal(workflow$pre$actions, list())
  expect_equal(workflow$pre$mold, NULL)

  expect_equal(workflow$fit$actions, list())
  expect_equal(workflow$fit$fit, NULL)

  expect_equal(workflow$post$actions, list())

test_that("workflow must be the first argument when adding actions", {
  rec <- recipes::recipe(mpg ~ cyl, mtcars)
  mod <- parsnip::linear_reg()

  expect_error(add_formula(1, mpg ~ cyl), "must be a workflow")
  expect_error(add_recipe(1, rec), "must be a workflow")
  expect_error(add_model(1, mod), "must be a workflow")

test_that("constructor validates input", {
  expect_error(new_workflow(pre = 1), "must be a `stage`")
  expect_error(new_workflow(fit = 1), "must be a `stage`")
  expect_error(new_workflow(post = 1), "must be a `stage`")

  expect_error(new_workflow(trained = 1), "must be a single logical value")
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