Man pages for tidyverse/broom
Convert Statistical Objects into Tidy Tibbles

augment.betamfxAugment data with information from a(n) betamfx object
augment.betaregAugment data with information from a(n) betareg object
augment.clmAugment data with information from a(n) clm object
augment_columnsAdd fitted values, residuals, and other common outputs to an...
augment.coxphAugment data with information from a(n) coxph object
augment.decomposed.tsAugment data with information from a(n) decomposed.ts object
augment.drcAugment data with information from a(n) drc object
augment.factanalAugment data with information from a(n) factanal object
augment.felmAugment data with information from a(n) felm object
augment.fixestAugment data with information from a(n) fixest object
augment.gamAugment data with information from a(n) gam object
augment.glmAugment data with information from a(n) glm object
augment.glmRobAugment data with information from a(n) glmRob object
augment.htestAugment data with information from a(n) htest object
augment.ivregAugment data with information from a(n) ivreg object
augment.kmeansAugment data with information from a(n) kmeans object
augment.lmAugment data with information from a(n) lm object
augment.lmRobAugment data with information from a(n) lmRob object
augment.loessTidy a(n) loess object
augment.MclustAugment data with information from a(n) Mclust object
augment.mfxAugment data with information from a(n) mfx object
augment.mjointAugment data with information from a(n) mjoint object
augment.mlogitAugment data with information from a(n) mlogit object
augment.nlrqTidy a(n) nlrq object
augment.nlsAugment data with information from a(n) nls object
augment.pamAugment data with information from a(n) pam object
augment.plmAugment data with information from a(n) plm object
augment.poLCAAugment data with information from a(n) poLCA object
augment.polrAugment data with information from a(n) polr object
augment.prcompAugment data with information from a(n) prcomp object
augment.rlmAugment data with information from a(n) rlm object
augment.rmaAugment data with information from a(n) rma object
augment.robustbase.glmrobAugment data with information from a(n) glmrob object
augment.robustbase.lmrobAugment data with information from a(n) lmrob object
augment.rqAugment data with information from a(n) rq object
augment.rqsAugment data with information from a(n) rqs object
augment.sarlmAugment data with information from a(n) spatialreg object
augment.smooth.splineTidy a(n) smooth.spline object
augment.speedlmAugment data with information from a(n) speedlm object
augment.stlAugment data with information from a(n) stl object
augment.survregAugment data with information from a(n) survreg object
bootstrapSet up bootstrap replicates of a dplyr operation
broombroom: Convert Statistical Objects into Tidy Tibbles
confint_tidy(Deprecated) Calculate confidence interval as a tidy data...
data.frame_tidiersTidiers for data.frame objects
durbinWatsonTest_tidiersTidy/glance a(n) durbinWatsonTest object
finish_glance(Deprecated) Add logLik, AIC, BIC, and other common...
fix_data_frameEnsure an object is a data frame, with rownames moved into a...
glance.aaregGlance at a(n) aareg object
glance.anovaGlance at a(n) anova object
glance.aovGlance at a(n) lm object
glance.ArimaGlance at a(n) Arima object
glance.betamfxGlance at a(n) betamfx object
glance.betaregGlance at a(n) betareg object
glance.biglmGlance at a(n) biglm object
glance.binDesignGlance at a(n) binDesign object
glance.cchGlance at a(n) cch object
glance.clmGlance at a(n) clm object
glance.clmmGlance at a(n) clmm object
glance.coeftestGlance at a(n) coeftest object
glance.coxphGlance at a(n) coxph object
glance.crrGlance at a(n) crr object at a(n) cv.glmnet object
glance.drcGlance at a(n) drc object
glance.ergmGlance at a(n) ergm object
glance.factanalGlance at a(n) factanal object
glance.felmGlance at a(n) felm object
glance.fitdistrGlance at a(n) fitdistr object
glance.fixestGlance at a(n) fixest object
glance.gamGlance at a(n) gam object
glance_gam_hastieGlance at a(n) Gam object
glance.garchTidy a(n) garch object
glance.geeglmGlance at a(n) geeglm object
glance.glmGlance at a(n) glm object
glance.glmnetGlance at a(n) glmnet object
glance.glmRobGlance at a(n) glmRob object
glance.gmmGlance at a(n) gmm object
glance.ivregGlance at a(n) ivreg object
glance.kmeansGlance at a(n) kmeans object
glance.lavaanGlance at a(n) lavaan object
glance.lmGlance at a(n) lm object
glance.lmodel2Glance at a(n) lmodel2 object
glance.lmRobGlance at a(n) lmRob object
glance.marginsGlance at a(n) margins object
glance.MclustGlance at a(n) Mclust object
glance.mfxGlance at a(n) mfx object
glance.mjointGlance at a(n) mjoint object
glance.mlogitGlance at a(n) mlogit object
glance.muhazGlance at a(n) muhaz object
glance.multinomGlance at a(n) multinom object
glance.negbinGlance at a(n) negbin object
glance.nlrqGlance at a(n) nlrq object
glance.nlsGlance at a(n) nls object
glance_optimTidy a(n) optim object masquerading as list
glance.orcuttGlance at a(n) orcutt object
glance.pamGlance at a(n) pam object
glance.plmGlance at a(n) plm object
glance.poLCAGlance at a(n) poLCA object
glance.polrGlance at a(n) polr object
glance.pyearsGlance at a(n) pyears object
glance.ridgelmGlance at a(n) ridgelm object
glance.rlmGlance at a(n) rlm object
glance.rmaGlance at a(n) rma object
glance.robustbase.lmrobGlance at a(n) lmrob object
glance.rqGlance at a(n) rq object
glance.sarlmGlance at a(n) spatialreg object
glance.smooth.splineTidy a(n) smooth.spine object
glance.speedglmGlance at a(n) speedglm object
glance.speedlmGlance at a(n) speedlm object
glance.summary.lmGlance at a(n) summary.lm object
glance.survdiffGlance at a(n) survdiff object
glance.survexpGlance at a(n) survexp object
glance.survfitGlance at a(n) survfit object
glance.survregGlance at a(n) survreg object
glance.svyglmGlance at a(n) svyglm object
glance.svyolrGlance at a(n) svyolr object
glance.varestGlance at a(n) varest object
leveneTest_tidiersTidy/glance a(n) leveneTest object
list_tidiersTidying methods for lists / returned values that are not S3...
metafor_tidiersTidy a(n) rma object
null_tidiersTidiers for NULL inputs
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sp_tidiersTidy a(n) SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object
summary_tidiers(Deprecated) Tidy summaryDefault objects
tidy.aaregTidy a(n) aareg object
tidy.acfTidy a(n) acf object
tidy.anovaTidy a(n) anova object
tidy.aovTidy a(n) aov object
tidy.aovlistTidy a(n) aovlist object
tidy.ArimaTidy a(n) Arima object
tidy.betamfxTidy a(n) betamfx object
tidy.betaregTidy a(n) betareg object
tidy.biglmTidy a(n) biglm object
tidy.binDesignTidy a(n) binDesign object
tidy.binWidthTidy a(n) binWidth object
tidy.bootTidy a(n) boot object
tidy.btergmTidy a(n) btergm object
tidy.cchTidy a(n) cch object
tidy.cldTidy a(n) cld object
tidy.clmTidy a(n) clm object
tidy.clmmTidy a(n) clmm object
tidy.coeftestTidy a(n) coeftest object
tidy.confint.glhtTidy a(n) confint.glht object
tidy.confusionMatrixTidy a(n) confusionMatrix object
tidy.coxphTidy a(n) coxph object
tidy.crrTidy a(n) cmprsk object a(n) cv.glmnet object
tidy.density(Deprecated) Tidy density objects
tidy.dist(Deprecated) Tidy dist objects
tidy.drcTidy a(n) drc object
tidy.emmGridTidy a(n) emmGrid object
tidy.epi.2by2Tidy a(n) epi.2by2 object
tidy.ergmTidy a(n) ergm object
tidy.factanalTidy a(n) factanal object
tidy.felmTidy a(n) felm object
tidy.fitdistrTidy a(n) fitdistr object
tidy.fixestTidy a(n) fixest object
tidy.ftable(Deprecated) Tidy ftable objects
tidy.gamTidy a(n) gam object
tidy_gam_hastieTidy a(n) Gam object
tidy.garchTidy a(n) garch object
tidy.geeglmTidy a(n) geeglm object
tidy.glhtTidy a(n) glht object
tidy.glmTidy a(n) glm object
tidy.glmnetTidy a(n) glmnet object
tidy.glmRobTidy a(n) glmRob object
tidy.gmmTidy a(n) gmm object
tidy.htestTidy/glance a(n) htest object
tidy_irlbaTidy a(n) irlba object masquerading as list
tidy.ivregTidy a(n) ivreg object
tidy.kappaTidy a(n) kappa object
tidy.kdeTidy a(n) kde object
tidy.KendallTidy a(n) Kendall object
tidy.kmeansTidy a(n) kmeans object
tidy.lavaanTidy a(n) lavaan object
tidy.lmTidy a(n) lm object
tidy.lm.betaTidy a(n) lm.beta object
tidy.lmodel2Tidy a(n) lmodel2 object
tidy.lmRobTidy a(n) lmRob object
tidy.lsmobjTidy a(n) lsmobj object
tidy.manovaTidy a(n) manova object
tidy.mapTidy a(n) map object
tidy.marginsTidy a(n) margins object
tidy.MclustTidy a(n) Mclust object
tidy.mediateTidy a(n) mediate object
tidy.mfxTidy a(n) mfx object
tidy.mjointTidy a(n) mjoint object
tidy.mle2Tidy a(n) mle2 object
tidy.mlmTidy a(n) mlm object
tidy.mlogitTidying methods for logit models
tidy.muhazTidy a(n) muhaz object
tidy.multinomTidying methods for multinomial logistic regression models
tidy.negbinTidy a(n) negbin object
tidy.nlrqTidy a(n) nlrq object
tidy.nlsTidy a(n) nls object
tidy_optimTidy a(n) optim object masquerading as list
tidy.orcuttTidy a(n) orcutt object
tidy.pairwise.htestTidy a(n) pairwise.htest object
tidy.pamTidy a(n) pam object
tidy.plmTidy a(n) plm object
tidy.poLCATidy a(n) poLCA object
tidy.polrTidy a(n) polr object
tidy.power.htestTidy a(n) power.htest object
tidy.prcompTidy a(n) prcomp object
tidy.pyearsTidy a(n) pyears object
tidy.rcorrTidy a(n) rcorr object
tidy.ref.gridTidy a(n) ref.grid object
tidy.regsubsetsTidy a(n) regsubsets object
tidy.ridgelmTidy a(n) ridgelm object
tidy.rlmTidy a(n) rlm object
tidy.robustbase.glmrobTidy a(n) glmrob object
tidy.robustbase.lmrobTidy a(n) lmrob object
tidy.rocTidy a(n) roc object
tidy.rqTidy a(n) rq object
tidy.rqsTidy a(n) rqs object
tidy.sarlmTidying methods for spatially autoregressive models
tidy.specTidy a(n) spec object
tidy.speedglmTidy a(n) speedglm object
tidy.speedlmTidy a(n) speedlm object
tidy.summary_emmTidy a(n) summary_emm object
tidy.summary.glhtTidy a(n) summary.glht object
tidy.summary.lmTidy a(n) summary.lm object
tidy.survdiffTidy a(n) survdiff object
tidy.survexpTidy a(n) survexp object
tidy.survfitTidy a(n) survfit object
tidy.survregTidy a(n) survreg object
tidy_svdTidy a(n) svd object masquerading as list
tidy.svyglmTidy a(n) svyglm object
tidy.svyolrTidy a(n) svyolr object
tidy.systemfitTidy a(n) systemfit object
tidy.tableTidy a(n) table object
tidy.tsTidy a(n) ts object
tidy.TukeyHSDTidy a(n) TukeyHSD object
tidy.varestTidy a(n) varest object
tidy_xyzTidy a(n) xyz object masquerading as list
tidy.zooTidy a(n) zoo object
vector_tidiersTidy atomic vectors
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