Man pages for tidyverse/googlesheets4
Manage Google Spreadsheets from R using the Sheets API V4

as_sheets_idCoerce to a sheets_id object
cell-specificationSpecify cells for reading
googlesheets4-packagegooglesheets4: Manage Google Spreadsheets from R using the...
pipePipe operator
read_sheetRead a Sheet into a data frame
request_generateGenerate a Google Sheets API request
request_makeMake a Google Sheets API request
response_processProcess a response from a Google API
sheets_authAuthorize googlesheets4
sheets_auth_configView or edit auth config
sheets_browseVisit Sheet in browser
sheets_cellsRead cells from a Sheet
sheets_deauthSuspend authorization
sheets_emailGet email of current user
sheets_endpointsList Sheets endpoints
sheets_exampleAccess IDs of example Sheets
sheets_getGet metadata for a spreadsheet
sheets_id'sheets_id' object
sheets_tokenProduce configured token
spread_sheetSpread a data frame of cells into spreadsheet shape
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