Man pages for tinyheero/oncosnputils
Post-processing of OncoSNP Results

add_LRR_BAF_to_oncosnp_cnvAdd the LRR and BAF to each segment reported in a OncoSNP CNV...
add_oncosnp_to_penncnv_probeAdd the OncoSNP information to the PennCNV probe data.
get_state_infoGet Oncosnp State Information
load_oncosnp_cnv_fileLoad the OncoSNP CNV file (.cnv).
load_oncosnp_qc_fileLoad the quality control files (.qc) generated by OncoSNP.
load_penncnv_probe_dataLoad the PennCNV probe data.
oncosnpUtilsoncosnputils: A package for post-processing OncoSNP results
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