Man pages for tjmckinley/SimBIID
Simulation-Based Inference Methods for Infectious Disease Models

ABCRefProduces ABC reference table
ABCSMCRuns ABC-SMC algorithm
compileRcppCompiles 'SimBIID_model' object
ebolaTime series counts of ebola cases
mparseRcppParse custom model using 'SimInf' style markup
plot.ABCSMCPlots 'ABCSMC' objects
plot.PMCMCPlots 'PMCMC' objects
plot.SimBIID_runsPlots 'SimBIID_runs' objects
PMCMCRuns particle MCMC algorithm
predict.PMCMCPredicts future course of outbreak from 'PMCMC' objects
print.ABCSMCPrints 'ABCSMC' objects
print.PMCMCPrints 'PMCMC' objects
print.SimBIID_modelPrints 'SimBIID_model' objects
print.SimBIID_runsPrints 'SimBIID_runs' objects
runRuns 'SimBIID_model' object
SimBIID-packageSimulation-based inference for infectious disease models
smallpoxTime series counts of smallpox cases
summary.ABCSMCSummarises 'ABCSMC' objects
summary.PMCMCSummarises 'PMCMC' objects
window.PMCMCTime windows for 'PMCMC' objects
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