Man pages for tlamadon/mopt
Parallel Derivative-free Moment Estimation

algo.bgpBaragatti Grimaud and Pommeret MCMC chain
algo.diffevodifferential evolution
algo.gibbsMetropolis Hasting MCMC chain updating
algo.mhMetropolis Hasting MCMC chain updating
algo.slicemaxSimple aglorithm which compute a slice, then takes the...
algo.slicesCompute the objective function on a grid
algo.wlWang-Landau MCMC
computeCandidatesBGPBaragatti Grimaud and Pommeret MCMC chain
computeInitialCandidatesCompute Initial Parameter Candidates
compute.slicesCompute the objective function on a grid of params and show...
compute.slices2Compute the objective function on a grid of params and show...
datamomentsadd data moments to the configuration
estimate.mopt_envtakes the best value, compute the score and the standard...
evaluateParametersEvaluate objective function at N candidate parameter vectors
melt.mopt_envmelts data with only sampled parameters if set cols='m' or...
moptParallel optimizer for R
mopt_configcreate the configuration for the MCMC chain.
mopt.loadLoad an existing mopt config
mopt_obj_wrapperwraper for the objective function. Made public for multicore
objfc.multipiccreate an objective function n dimensions and k local...
objfc.norm2create an objective function which computes the distance...
objfc.norm2.customcreate an objective function which returns custom output from...
plot.mopt_configgenerates different plots from a chain
plot.mopt_envgenerates different plots from a chain
predict.mopt_configreturn some versions of the parameters
predict.mopt_envreturn some versions of the parameters
prepare.mopt_configprepares mopt to run with either MPI or openMP or just serial
print.mopt_envprint method for mopt_env
rollcallcluster rollcall
runMOptthis is the main function, it will run the optimizer in...
run.simplexRuns a serial optimization using minqa package
samplepdefining sampling support for parameter
score.mopt_envcompute the simulated score from the the chain. This is the...
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