play: Playing Waves

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Plays wave files and objects of class Wave.


play(object, player, ...)



Either a filename pointing to a Wave file, or an object of class Wave or WaveMC. If the latter, it is written to a temporary file by writeWave, played by the chosen player, and deleted afterwards.


(Path to) a program capable of playing a wave file by invocation from the command line. If under Windows and no player is given, “mplay32.exe” or “wmplayer.exe” (if the former does not exists as under Windows 7) will be chosen as the default.


Further arguments passed to the Wave file player. If no player and no further arguments are given under Windows, the default is: "/play /close".


Uwe Ligges [email protected]

See Also

Wave-class, WaveMC-class, Wave, WaveMC, writeWave, setWavPlayer

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