Man pages for tnaake/MsQualityUtils
What the package does (short line)

createListOfMsExperimentFromListOfSpectraCreate list of 'MsExperiment' objects from list of 'Spectra'...
createListOfSpectraCreate list of Spectra object(s)
createListOfSummarizedExperimentFromMetIDQCreate list of SummarizedExperiment object from MetIDQ files
createSpectraFromMetIDQCreate Spectra object from a list of SummarizedExperiment...
createSpectraFromMzMLCreate Spectra object from mzML files
createSpectraFromSrmOrMrmMzMLCreate Spectra object from mzML files (SRM or MRM technology)
createSpectraFromSummarizedExperimentCreate Spectra object from a SummarizedExperiment object
loadRtLoad the file with the retention time information
Retention_times_MetIDQData for 'MsQualityUtils': Retention time for MetIDQ
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