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The tntpr package makes data science at TNTP easier and more accurate by supplying tools that are needed for common TNTP analyses. Because this package specifically serves the TNTP analysis community, functions can be tailored to our exact use cases.

To get a sense of the possibilities for an internal TNTP package, consider this blog post from Airbnb on their internal R package, “Rbnb”.

Package summary

Some of the highlights of the package include:

tntpr is built to work with the tidyverse set of packages.

Installing the package

This package is not on CRAN, and probably will not ever be. You’ll need to install this package from its GitHub repository. You can add this to the top of your analysis script:

# install tntpr if you don't already have it, then load it
library(devtools) # for install_github()
if(!require("tntpr")) install_github("tntp/tntpr")

Once installed, you can update the package with update_tntpr().

Using the package

See the vignette for demonstrations of how to use these tntpr functions.

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Have a data problem you think tntpr could help with? Find a bug while working with the tntpr package? Please create an issue.

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