Man pages for tntp/tntpr
Data Analysis Tools Customized for TNTP

bar_chart_countsBar chart of counts with TNTP polish
check_all_countTabulate a range of check-all-that-apply response columns in...
check_all_recodeProcess a range of check-all-that-apply response columns for...
colors_tntpTNTP colors
date_to_syConvert a date value into its school year.
factorize_dfConvert all character vectors containing a set of values in a...
figureNCreate sequential figure numbers
header_tntpInsert header_script_tntp.
labelled_to_factorsConvert all 'labelled'-class columns to factors.
palette_tntpTNTP branded color palettes
prop_matchingCalculate the percent of non-missing values in a character...
recode_to_binaryRecode a variable into binary groups, e.g., "Top-2" and "Not...
SegoeUISegoe UI font name R variable aliases
set_data_memo_formattingSet the formatting options for a TNTP Data Memo
setup_repoInitialize a new repository, and a single subfolder, TNTP...
setup_subdirectoryInitialize a new subdirectory in an existing repository, TNTP...
tableNCreate sequential table numbers
theme_tntpTNTP's ggplot2 theme
theme_tntp_2018A precise & pristine ggplot2 theme with opinionated defaults...
tntprData Analysis Tools Customized for TNTP
update_geom_font_defaultsUpdate matching font defaults for text geoms
update_tntprRe-install the tntpr package from GitHub.
wiscFake student data from the Wisconsin State Dept. of Ed
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