Man pages for topepo/rsample
General Resampling Infrastructure

apparentSampling for the Apparent Error Rate an 'rsplit' object to a data frame
attritionJob Attrition
boot_ci_tBootstrap Confidence Intervals
bootstrapsBootstrap Sampling
complementDetermine the Assessment Samples
fillAdd Assessment Indicies
form_predExtract Predictor Names from Formula or Terms
gather.rsetGather an 'rset' Object
group_vfold_cvGroup V-Fold Cross-Validation
initial_splitSimple Training/Test Set Splitting
labels.rsetFind Labels from rset Object
labels.rsplitFind Labels from rsplit Object
loo_cvLeave-One-Out Cross-Validation
make_strataCreate or Modify Stratification Variables
mc_cvMonte Carlo Cross-Validation
nested_cvNested or Double Resampling
prepperWrapper Function for Preparing Recipes
pretty.vfold_cvShort Decriptions of rsets
rolling_originRolling Origin Forecast Resampling
rsamplersample: General Resampling Infrastructure for R
rsample2caretConvert Resampling Objects to Other Formats
tidy.rsplitTidy Resampling Object
vfold_cvV-Fold Cross-Validation
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