Man pages for tpilz/lumpR
Landscape Unit Mapping Program for R

area2catenaCalculates mean catena from spatial data
calc_seasonalityCalculate time series based on seasonality
calc_subbasCalculation of hydrological subbasins using GRASS GIS
db_checkCheck and modify parameter database for consistency
db_createCreate parameter database
db_echse_inputCreate ECHSE input files
db_extract_subcatchExtracts sub-catchment(s) for specific subbasin(s) from a...
db_fillFill parameter database
db_updateUpdate parameter database
db_wasa_inputCreate WASA input files
disc_wrapperWrapper function performing a complete landscape...
lump_grass_postPost-processing of Landscape Unit deviation using GRASS GIS
lump_grass_prepPre-processing for Landscape Unit deviation using GRASS GIS
prof_classClassification of mean catenas
rainy_seasonDetermine start and end date of the rainy season
reservoir_lumpedGeneration of WASA parameter files for simulation of lumped...
reservoir_outletDetermine outlet coordinates of reservoirs
reservoir_strategicAssemble of reservoir parameter file for WASA for import into...
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