Man pages for trannhatanh89/HPAanalyze
Retrieve and analyze data from the Human Protein Atlas

hpaDownloadDownload datasets
hpa_downloaded_histology_v18HPA histology dataset
hpaExportExport the subset data
hpaListParamSubset downloaded data
hpaVisVisualize data in one function
hpaVisPathoVisualize pathology data
hpaVisSubcellVisualize subcellular location data
hpaVisTissueVisualize tissue data
hpaXmlExtract details about an individual protein from XML file in...
hpaXmlAntibodyExtract antibody information
hpaXmlGetDownload and import xml file
hpaXmlProtClassExtract protein classes
hpaXmlTissueExprExtract tissue expression details
hpaXmlTissueExprSumExtract tissue expression and download images
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