Man pages for transbioZI/BioMM
BioMM: Biological-informed Multi-stage Machine learning framework for phenotype prediction using omics data

baseGLMnetPrediction by generalized linear regression models
baseModelBase supervised machine learning models for prediction
baseRandForestPrediction by random forest
baseSVMPrediction by SVM
BioMMBioMM end-to-end prediction
BioMMreconDataReconstruct stage-2 data by supervised machine learning...
BioMMstage1pcaReconstruct stage-2 data by PCA
BioMMstage2predPrediction performance for stage-2 data using supervised...
classifiACCCompute the classification accuracy
getDataAfterFSReturn the data after feature selection
getMetricsCompute the evaluation metrics
omics2chrlistMap individual probes into chromosome
omics2genelistMap individual probes into gene
omics2pathlistMap individual probes into pathway
plotRankedFeaturePlot top outcome-associated features
plotVarExplainedPlot data summary statistics
predByBSBootstrap resampling prediction via supervised machine...
predByCVCross validation prediction by supervised machine learning...
predByFSPrediction by supervised machine learning along with feature...
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