Man pages for traversc/trqwe
Performance oriented statistical metrics and utility functions.

allDupsAll duplicates.
append-setAppend to a vector.
biocInstall Bioconductor package.
chopCleans leading and trailing whitespace.
cindexConcordance Index.
cosineDistCosine distance.
f1scoreF1 score.
fastAUCFast AUC
fastPRPrecision-Recall curve
fastReadLinesFast readLines.
fastROCFast ROC
fpkmFromCountsCalculate FPKM.
grapes-Q-grapesConcatenate strings.
halClusterHeterogeneous cluster helper
head2Upper-left corner of matrix.
installInstall CRAN package.
logitLogit Transformation.
make_percentMake percentage from number
matrixFactorMatrix Factor Design.
mccscoreMatthew's correlation coefficient
mcreadRDSMulti-threaded readRDS
mcsaveRDSMulti-threaded saveRDS
mcsplitapplyParallel split-matrix or dataframe apply loop
mgreplMultiple grepl.
nelson_aelen_survNelson Aelen estimator
posteriorBalancePosterior probability adjustment.
prepend-setPrepend to a vector.
reloadReload a package.
reloadtrqweUnload and reload trqwe.
seStandard error.
set_colnamesSet colnames of data.frame or matrix
set_rownamesSet rownames of data.frame or matrix
sigmoidSigmoid Function.
statsCallbackVariable information.
tablecFast C++ tabulation.
tail2Lower-left corner of matrix.
TCGA_barcodeParse TCGA barcode.
timePromptTime profiling.
topnHighest elements in a vector.
tost_powerCalculates power/sample size of a TOST test
TOSTtwo#' Multiple return assignment #' @description Python style...
trqwe_KNNFast binary KNN classifier
varSizesSize of R objects.
ww_testWald-Wolfowitz Runs Tests for Randomness
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