Man pages for trbrick/MICr
Matrices of Implied Causation in R

as.MxRAMModelas.MxRAMModel: Create an MxRAMModel from a lavaan or OpenMx...
as.MxRAMModel.characterExtract path structure from a lavaan model string
as.MxRAMModel.lavaanExtract path structure from a lavaan object
as.MxRAMModel.MxModelExtract path structure from an OpenMx model
computeCorrelationMICor - Matrix of implied correlation for a RAM model in...
computeHypotheticalSEsCompute hypothetical standard errors from an mxModel
computeObservedSEsCompute observed standard errors from an mxModel
extractModelStructureExtract Model Structure and create an MxRAMModel
flattenMICflattenMIC - Create
MICMIC - Compute a matrix of implied causality
paretoFrontparetoFront - plot the tradeoff of cost and effect
standardizeMxRAMModelstandardizeMxRAMModel: Create a new, standardized MxRAMModel...
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