Man pages for trenchproject/TrenchR
An R package encompassing functions for assessing the impact of the environment of organisms

airpressure_elevEstimate air pressure in kPa (Kilo Pascal)
azimuth_angleCalculate Azimuth angle
calculate_surface_areaCalculate surface area from mass
calculate_ToCalculate Operative Temperature of Lizard using model by Fei...
conductanceCalculate conductance
convectionCalculate convection
daylengthCalculate day length
day_of_yearCalculate day of the passed date
dec_angleCalculate solar declination in radians
degree.daysCalculate degree days
degrees_to_radiansConverts angle in degrees to radians
estimate_butterfly_TbPredicts body temperature (operative environmental...
estimate_grasshopper_TbPredicts body temperatures (operative environmental...
estimate_lizard_TbPredicts body temperatures (operative environmental...
fahrenheit_to_celsiusConverts Fahrenheit to Celsius
fahrenheit_to_kelvinConverts Fahrenheit to Kelvin
kelvin_to_celsiusConverts Kelvin to Celsius
metabolic_rateCalculate metabolic expenditure
radians_to_degreesConverts angle in radians to degrees
solar_noonCalculate time of solar noon
solar_radiation_absorbedCalculate absorbed solar radiation
Thour.sineDiurnal temperature across hours From Campbell and Norman...
Thour.sineexpEstimate temperature across hours using a diurnal temperature...
zenith_angleCalculate Zenith Angle
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