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Counts of Terms and Substrings

as_countSet Pretty/Count Printing of a term_count Object
as_term_listCoerce to Named List
as_termsConvert a Count Matrix to List of Term Vectors
classification_projectClassification Project Template
classification_templateGenerate a Basic Classification Analysis Template
classifyClassify Rows of a Count Matrix
collapse_tagsCollapse 'term_count' Tags
coloMake Regex to Locate Strings Containing Co-ocuring Substrings
combine_countsCombine 'term_count' and 'token_count' Objects
coverageCoverage for Various Objects
drop_termsDrop Terms from a Term List
evaluateModel Evaluation
frequent_ngramsNgram Collocations
frequent_termsN Most Frequent Terms
frequent_terms_co_occurrencePlot Co-Occurrence of Frequent Terms
get_textGet a Text Stored in Various Objects
hierarchical_coverage_regexHierarchical Coverage of Regexes
hierarchical_coverage_termHierarchical Coverage of Terms
important_termsTop Min-Max Scaled TF-IDF terms
markersDiscourse Marker Search of Presidential Debates
match_wordRegular Expression Matching of Words in a Text
mutate_countsApply Normalization to Term/Token Columns
ngram_collocationsNgram Collocations
plot_caPlot Term Count as Correspondence Analysis
plot.classifyPlots a plot.classify Object
plot_countsHorizontal Bar Plot of Group Counts
plot_cum_percentPlot Cumulative Percent of Terms
plot_freqVertical Bar Plot of Frequencies of Counts
plot.frequent_ngramsPlots a frequent_ngrams Object
plot.frequent_termsPlots a frequent_terms Object
plot.hierarchical_coverage_regexPlots a hierarchical_coverage_regex Object
plot.hierarchical_coverage_termPlots a hierarchical_coverage_term Object
plot.important_termsPlots a important_terms Object
plot.ngram_collocationsPlots a ngram_collocations Object
plot.tag_co_occurrencePlots a tag_co_occurrence Object
plot.term_countPlots a term_count object
plot.term_locPlots a term_loc Object
plot.token_countPlots a token_count object
plot_upsetPlot 'term_count' Object as Upset Plot
plot.validate_modelPlots a validate_model Object
presidential_debates_20122012 U.S. Presidential Debates
print.as_termsPrints an as_terms Object
print.combine_countsPrints a combine_counts Object
print.coveragePrints a coverage Object
print.evaluatePrints an evaluate Object
print.frequent_termsPrints a frequent_terms Object
print.frequent_terms_co_occurrencePrints a frequent_terms_co_occurrence Object
print.hierarchical_coveragePrints a hierarchical_coverage Object
print.hierarchical_coverage_regexPrints a hierarchical_coverage_regex Object
print.important_termsPrints an important_terms Object
print.probe_listPrints a probe_list Object
print.search_termPrints a search_term Object
print.split_dataPrints a split_data Object
print.summary_hierarchical_coverage_regexPrints a summary_hierarchical_coverage_regex Object
print.summary.validate_modelPrints a summary.validate_model Object
print.termco_nestedPrints a termco_nested Object
print.termco_unnestedPrints a termco_unnested Object
print.term_countPrints a term_count Object
print.term_listPrints a term_list Object
print.term_list_templatePrints a term_list_template Object
print.validate_modelPrints a validate_model Object
probe_colo_listGenerate List of Exploration 'search_term_collocations'...
probe_colo__plotGenerate List of Exploration 'search_term' + 'frequent_terms'...
probe_listGenerate List of Exploration 'search_term' Function Calls
read_term_listRead-In/Write-Out Term List
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rename_tagsRename a term_count Object's Term Columns
sam_i_amSam I Am Text
search_termSearch For Terms
search_term_collocationsSearch For Collocations
select_countsApply Normalization to Term/Token Columns
set_meta_tagsSet Meta Tags Attribute on a 'term_count'/'token_count'...
split_dataSplit Data Into Training and Test
summary.hierarchical_coverage_regexSummary of an hierarchical_coverage_regex Object
summary.validate_modelSummary of an validate_model Object
tag_colsGet Tag/Group Columns
tag_co_occurrenceExplore Tag Co-Occurrence
term_beforeExtract Terms from Relative Locations
termcoCounts of Terms and Substrings
term_countSearch For and Count Terms
term_list_templateGenerate a Basic Term List Template
test_regexTest Regex Validity
tidy_countsConvert 'term_count' & 'token_count' to Tidy Form
token_countCount Fixed Tokens
uncoveredUncovered/Untagged Group Variable
unnest_source_term_listFormat Term List as Individual Regexes
unnest_term_listUnnest a Nested Term List
validatedA Simulated 'validate_model' Output
validate_modelManual Assessment of a Model
weightWeight Term Counts from 'term_count'
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