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Miscelaneous utility functions, mostly related to exploratory statistical analysis

allSameAre all values the same?
bfcBlind friendly colors.
blandAltmanBland-Altman plot.
blindFriendlyColorsBlind friendly colors.
buildInlineDocinlinedocs build
buildSiteDocbuild_site build
cartesian2polarCartesian to polar coordinate conversion.
cartesian2sphericalCartesian to spherical coordinate conversion.
catnlCat with trailing newline.
columnIndexOfIndices of data frame columns identified by name.
compensateAlphaSignificance level compensation for multiple comparisons.
compensatePValueP-value compensation for multiple comparisons.
computeDistIdxIndices into distance matrix.
computeIdxFromDistIdxIndices of two samples of given index into distance matrix.
corCritValCritical values for correlation coefficients.
countFactorLevelsCount the number of factor levels.
countIntersectCardinality of set intersections.
countNaCount NA's in a data frame.
create2dDataCreate 2D data set interactively.
dagostinoTestD'Agostino normality test.
dropLevelsDrop unused levels in a factor.
expitThe expit function (the inverse to logit).
flipFlip an array.
flip4imageFlip a matrix to be passed to 'image'.
histdHistogram with defaults.
histvVertically aligned histograms.
histvdVertically aligned histograms.
iclassDetermine implicit class.
indexOfIndices of member(s) in vector.
lcPostfixLongest common postfix.
lcPrefixLongest common prefix.
lmCalibCalibration in regression.
lmIntConfidence and prediction intervals for regression.
lmIntXYConfidence and prediction intervals for regression.
lmSignifOverall linear model significance.
lnormParLognormal distribution parameter conversion.
logitThe logit function.
movieSpin3dCreate a movie by rotating a 3D rgl scene.
normality2colorSample normality color code.
normality2flagSample normality estimate flag.
normalizeVectorNormalize vector to unit length.
percentTruePercentual ratio of TRUE cases.
perfIndCompute performance indicators.
plot3dProjVisualize multidimensional data in 3D and/or multiple 2D...
plotCorPlot decorated bivariate correlations.
plot.lmIntPlot confidence and prediction intervals for regression.
plot.lmIntXYPlot confidence and prediction intervals for regression.
plotMatrixPlot a matrix.
plotShadowPlot a shadow matrix.
poissonTestTest of Poisson distribution.
polar2cartesianPolar to Cartesian coordinate conversion.
printWithNamePrint the name and value of a variable.
pvalStarsp-value text summary.
refineFactorsRefine factors in two twin data frames.
reloadByNameReload R package(s).
repmatRepeat matrix.
rgb2hexConvert RGB color to text hexadecimal representation.
rglSetMouseCbTrackballLink the current device with others to share mouse control...
rmLcPostfixRemove longest common postfix.
rmLcPrefixRemove longest common prefix.
rseqRobust sequence generation resembling the matlab ':'...
scaleToUnitScale to unit range.
showObjectsSizeR object size dump.
spcaSupervised PCA.
spherical2cartesianSpherical to Cartesian coordinate conversion.
strTrimTrim leading and trailing spaces from a string.
to.matrixConversion to a matrix.
tsiMisc-packageMiscelaneous utility functions, mostly related to exploratory...
txPcaPCA transform.
txSpcaSupervised PCA transform.
vectorLengthVector length.
vectorprod3D vector product.
VIFVariance-inflaction factor.
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