recurrence_intervals: Calculate Recurrence Intervals Between Motor Units or Neuron...

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Take two vectors representing time points of motor unit or neuron discharges and calculate multi-order recurrence times between them. This function will return recurrence times in whatever unit is input but will only accept numeric vectors (e.g. 0.01 sec, 25 ms, or 17.5 minutes).


recurrence_intervals(motor_unit_1, motor_unit_2, order = 1)


motor_unit_1, motor_unit_2

Numeric vectors of strictly increasing numbers denoting sequential discharge times of a motor unit or neuron or any strictly increasing point process.


Numeric as a positive integer for the number of forward and backward orders for calculating recurrence times. Default = 1.


A list of lists containing the names of each discharge train used, number of discharges, the interspike intervals (ISI), mean ISI, and the recurrence times associated with each order.

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