R package adaptBayes

This package contains R functions implementing the adaptive priors described in Boonstra and Barbaro (2018). To install and load this package, run the following code in R

# may take some time:


A companion repository for this package exists at, which contains a vignette (vignette.pdf) on using the adaptive priors in this package as well as code for running the simulation studies in Boonstra and Barbaro (2020).

Compilation warning

STAN is smart enough to recognize the need for the normalizing constant (i.e. the Jacobian) and so, upon initial installation of the package, the compiler will throw the following warning (once for each of the STAN files):

Warning (non-fatal):
Left-hand side of sampling statement (~) may contain a
non-linear transform of a parameter or local variable.
If it does, you need to include a target += statement with
the log absolute determinant of the Jacobian of the
Left-hand-side of sampling statement:
    normalized_beta ~ normal(...)

This warning can be safely ignored because we do, in fact, calculate the normalizing constant

Note, 10-Jul-2018:

After updating to version 3.5.0, R occasionally throws the following 'error':

Error in x$.self$finalize() : attempt to apply non-function

Error is used in quotes because it does not interrupt any processes and does not seem to affect any results. Searching online, this has been asked about by others and seems to be related to garbage collection:

Current Suggested Citation

Boonstra, Philip S. and Barbaro, Ryan P., "Incorporating Historical Models with Adaptive Bayesian Updates" (2020) Biostatistics 21, e47--e64

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