Man pages for usnistgov/erccdashboard_preBioC
Assess Differential Gene Expression Experiments with ERCC Controls

annotLODRAnnotate signal-abundance and ratio-abundance plots with LODR
dynRangePlotProduce signal-abundance plot to evaluate dynamic range
ERCCDefERCCDef dataframe
ERCCMix1and2ERCCMix1and2 dataframe
erccROCProduce Receiver Operator Characteristic (ROC) Curves and AUC...
estLODREstimate Limit of Detection of Ratios (LODR)
est_r_mEstimate the mRNA fraction differences for the pair of...
geneExprTestPrepare differential expression testing results for spike-in...
initDatInitialize the exDat list
maSignalGenerate MA plots with or without annotation using LODR...
MET.CTL.countDatRat toxicogenomics count data
MET.CTL.totalReadsRat toxicogenomics total read data
multiplotMultiplot function from R cookbook
runDashboardRun default erccdashboard analysis of ERCC control ratio...
saveERCCPlotsSave erccdashboard plots to a pdf file
SEQC.ExampleExample data from SEQC project for erccdashboard analysis
UHRR.HBRR.arrayDatUHRR and HBRR Illumina BeadArray data
UHRR.HBRR.countDatUHRR and HBRR RNA-Seq Illumina count data
UHRR.HBRR.totalReadsUHRR and HBRR sample total read data
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