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Spatial analysis of extra-pair paternity.

Tools and data to accompany Schlicht, Valcu and Kempenaers Schlicht, Lotte, Mihai Valcu, and Bart Kempenaers. "Spatial patterns of extra-pair paternity: beyond paternity gains and losses." Journal of Animal Ecology 84.2 (2015): 518-531.

The expp package provides classes and functions for the investigation of the probability of having extra-pair young within local networks of breeding pairs including both realized and potential extra-pairings.

Bundled with the package are breeding data recorded for two Blue Tit populations in Kolbeterberg, Vienna,Austria (1998 through 2004) and Westerholz, Bavaria, Germany (2007 through 2011). The data set contains extra-pair paternity, breeding attempts locations, the respective social pair, and several individual and nest parameters.



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