expp-package: Tools and data to accompany Schlicht, Valcu and Kempenaers...

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The expp package provides classes and functions for the investigation of the probability of having extra-pair young within local networks of breeding pairs including both realized and potential extra-pairings.


Package: expp
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2014-Aug-04
License: GPL-3

See help(epp) and vignette('expp')


epp Final data-transformation to male-female combinations and their extra-pair levels
eppSimDat "Toy"-dataset creation to investigate potential Type I error rate inflation for models where the datapoints are male-female combinations
DirichletPolygons Territory calculation via Dirichlet tesselation
eppMatrix data.frame to eppMatrix object
neighborsDataFrame nb object to data.frame
SpatialPointsBreeding data.frame to SpatialPointsBreeding object


Mihai Valcu and Lotte Schlicht
Maintainer: Mihai Valcu <[email protected]>


Schlicht, Lotte, Mihai Valcu, and Bart Kempenaers. "Spatial patterns of extra-pair paternity: beyond paternity gains and losses." Journal of Animal Ecology 84.2 (2015): 518-531.

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