Man pages for vdumeaux/mixtR
Matched Interaction across Tissues (MIxT) data analysis

clinical.ranksumCompute associations between gene set/module and patient...
cohort_boxplotPLot bxoplot distribution of ranksum for a defined gene set...
cohort_heatmapPlot reordered heatmap according to sig.ranksum output
cohort_scatterplotPlot scatterplot of ranksums
functional.enrichmentFunctional enrichment analyses for genes partitioned by...
heatmap.clinicalPlot clinical variables
heatmap.color.schemeBreak points and color vector for heatmaps.
heatmap.ddrFlexible clustering function for checking color schemes
heatmap.keyPlot heatmap key
heatmap.labelsPlot labels in a viewport
heatmap.labels.cexReturn a cex value for text plotted in a viewport
heatmap.mapPlot heatmap
heatmap.simpleDraw full heatmap figures
hyper.fisherHypergeometric test
read.gmt.msigdbRead MSigdb gmt files
sig.ranksumPatient linear ordering based on gene set expression
stat.ranksumCompute association between gene sets/modules across tissues
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